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Everyone is Different

So how do you find a place that is perfect for you?

bookdirect 24 7 offers FREE listings to all of the businesses on the site which means that no one gets priced out of featuring their business. This is good for the business owners many of whom are small independent owners without large budgets to spend on advertising and it’s great for you because it means you get a wide variety of places to choose from and when you find your “Perfect” you can then book direct with the business owner via their own website which means they are not paying 15-20% of your booking to the booking website like they would if they used Booking,com, Air BNB,, Tripadviser etc.
Why should you care? Because when they are paying what we feel are extortionate commission fees to the booking site then they have to claw that cost back from somewhere and that somewhere is from you via higher room rates or costly extras.

and have different ideas of what destination is perfect for them.

POPULAR Destinations

browse through some of the most popular destinations our visitors are booking now.

The capital city London is always bustling and a popular choice all year round whether for the unrivalled shopping, superb selection of museums and art galleries or the abundance of bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and loads more leisure activities.

Or for a change of pace take a look at Shropshire with it’s sleepy villages, historic Ironbridge, busy Shrewsbury and so many beautiful natural wonders to see and experience.

Head to Cornwall and sample a pasty or two, try out your surfing skills on some of the worlds most popular surfing beaches and experience some great nightlife.

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